We are deeply grateful to our Sunburst Society members for making a five-year commitment to Young Audiences, allowing us to create long-range plans beyond our current fiscal year and stay true to our vision to one day reach every Maryland student.

The Sunburst Society, Young Audiences’ multi-year giving society, was launched in October 2010 to provide a legacy of learning in and through the arts. Our members are dedicated to improving our long-term sustainability, maintaining our financial health for years to come while also meeting the current demand for our programs in today’s educational landscape and ensuring our programs are of the highest quality.

Transforming Lives

Trisha Frick and Alan Hoff
Chris and David Wallace

Fueling Achievement

Candice and Bill Buckner*
Tea and Kevin Carnell
Denise Galambos and Bill Kichline
Drs. Nancy Kass and Sean Tunis
Tracy and Cecil Martin
Stephanie and Randy Osteen
Sara and Eric Pripstein*
Dr. Natalie Sukontasup and Kiati Plooksawasdi
Sherri and Mark Weinman

Creating Inspiration

Sheelagh and Adam Allston
Lisa and Rolf Arnesen
Bonnie Aubuchon and Dave Holmes
Darcy and Dave Bisset
Winnie and Neal Borden
Jennifer Burdick
Gina Campbell
Jennifer Carr
Colleen Cashill
Kathy and Brian Chappell
Emily de la Reguera
Brian DeWitt
George Doetsch
Kelly and Chip Doetsch
Lorraine and Peter Doo
Elizabeth Drigotas
Bill Eberhart
Stacie Sanders Evans and Ben Evans*
Dr. Nancy Grasmick
Laura and Brian Hatcher
Brenda and Lee Heikkinen
Harriet and David Hutzler
Cindy and Scott Johnson*
Barbara and Mort Kesler
Stephanie and Bob Kimmons
Jason Kissel and Dr. Donald Abrams*
Barbara and Mitch Krebs
Bobbi Young-Mace and Tim Mace
Susan Magsamen and Dr. Richard Huganir

Sarah Maher
Jackie McCusker
David McKibbin
Julie Medalis and Brian Kelley
Barb and Tom Mohler
Sarah Nordmann and Carl Nielsen
Sandy Peregoy
Scott and Terry Peterson*
Melissa and Jonathan Price
Sheree and Gerren Price
Susan Green Rogers
Nancy and Victor Romita
Jen and Michael Sachs*
Andrea and Jeff Schram
Beth Seeley and Laura Oldham
Clair Zamoiski Segal
Julie and Tom Sessa*
Denise and Matt Sobocinski
Terry Squyres and Alan Reed
Jennifer St. Germain
Triva and David Stack
Anne V. Steckel and Brett Frazier
Meredith and James Stewart
Jim and Lorayne Thornton
Arden and Bobby Travers
Randi Vega
John Williams
Dorothy and Paul Wolman
Courtney Zellmer

*Denotes a founding member who joined in 2010.

"Having watched the impact of the arts during many years as a classroom teacher, I have seen the enthusiasm, connection, and discovery brought about by various creative and cultural art forms. It is imperative to reach every child, while employing multiple modalities of learning. Young Audiences brings a lively, inclusive education into schools in order to reach children who might not have yet found their passion. To be a part of this process brings a feeling of pride and empowerment to my life and helps me feel connected to improving the education of our future."

Barbara Kesler | Sunburst Society and Young Audiences Board Member

If you are interested in making sure that Young Audiences will be around for at least another 75 years to serve the next generation of students, consider joining our society. Membership begins with a $1,000 annual pledge for five years. All contributions provide unrestricted operating funds.

To join or learn more, contact Micaela Gramelis at [email protected]