Teachers and Special Educators

Young Audiences is seeking Classroom Teachers and Special Educators with a strong desire to fully integrate into a non-traditional learning environment where flexibility is strongly valued and where new and innovative ideas are not only cultivated but expected from all staff. Teachers will be paired with a highly skilled teaching artist to provide daily arts-integrated math and literacy instruction and will serve as lead teacher for two daily 90-minute, arts-integrated classes, one math and one literacy (for teachers teaching grades K-2); or two sections of either 90 minutes of arts-integrated math or literacy (for teachers teaching grades 3-5).

Physical Education Teachers

Young Audiences is seeking enthusiastic, hardworking teachers to serve as part-time Physical Education Teachers for the Summer Arts & Learning Academy (SALA). Physical Education Teachers will supervise and lead a series of structured recesses and one 90-minute class teaching a variety of sports and physical activities each day of the program. Teachers may also organize additional sports and physical education events on-site within the program.