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The way we engage children in the first years of their lives has a profound impact on future learning and success.

High-quality early childhood education is absolutely essential to giving children the best possible start in school and in life. Decades of practice and research prove that integrating the arts into early learning experiences contributes to greater academic achievement and social/emotional development for our youngest learners.

As the Maryland regional affiliate of Wolf Trap, Young Audiences expands access to the arts for Maryland’s youngest children during the critical early learning years.

Young Audiences' Early Learning Video Portal is now FREE for all Maryland residents!

Thanks to the generous support of the Maryland State Department of Education's Division of Early Childhood, as well as the partnership of Ready At Five, Young Audiences' Early Learning Video Portal is now FREE for all Maryland families and educators through June 2022.

Wolf Trap Early Learning Programs

Baby Artsplay!™

Infants + Toddlers

Ages 0-3

Baby Artsplay! provides engaging activities designed for parents, caregivers, and early childhood educators to use music, movement, and drama at home, daycare, and school to set our youngest learners on a path toward kindergarten readiness.

Literacy + STEM Residencies

PreK + Kindergarten

Ages 4-6
Chefs cooking

Literacy and STEM-based residencies train early childhood educators to effectively integrate the arts in their classrooms and provide joyful, active learning experiences that encourage critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration.

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