Understanding the Star Spangled Banner Through Dance

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Understanding the Star Spangled Banner Through Dance

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The Star Spangled Banner was written in Baltimore in 1814, and the upcoming 200th anniversary is a great opportunity to celebrate Maryland history. Understanding the Star Spangled Banner Through Dance explores the events leading up to the writing of our national anthem and the meaning of the words through movement and dance. Students learn the basic elements of dance, how dance can communicate ideas, thoughts, and feelings, and have the opportunity to choreograph their own dances in Understanding the Star Spangled Banner Through Dance.


"Footworks combined top-notch performances with in-depth cultural connections and audience participation. Our students were engaged and wanted to dance their way out of the cafeteria!"

Jessica, Teacher, Oakdale Elementary

"A thousand thanks to you all for the extraordinary program yesterday at St. Michae's Auditorium for the kindergarten through fifth-graders. I loved your description of the show commemorating the Star Spangled Banner, Eileen! You are ever the master visionary and orchestrator."

Busy, St. Michael’s Elementary

"Eileen Carson of Footworks is amazing! We are so grateful to have had her back! The kids were AWESOME this afternoon. Eileen brings content, skills, and ideas that the kids enjoy, learn, and are excited about! We were certainly sad to see her go! If there was some way we could keep her forever we would!"

Nikki, Teacher, Willards Elementary