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Uncle Devin’s World of Percussion

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Uncle Devin’s World of Percussion

Uncle Devin


The music assembly Uncle Devin’s World of Percussion takes students on a magical journey through the Land of Percussion that allows them to hear, see, and play different percussion instruments while gaining an understanding of the history of percussion and why it is the easiest, oldest, and most diverse form of musical creativity. Uncle Devin and his flute-playing sidekick Mr. Grasshopper will introduce students to different genres of music while showing them how percussion is the heartbeat of them all.

Sample Common Core connection
CCSS.ELA-Literacy.SL.3.3 Ask and answer questions about information from a speaker, offering appropriate elaboration and detail.


"The Uncle Devin Show is pure edutainment at its finest. Bringing a message of love while sharing helpful life knowledge. The content of Uncle Devin's songs covers everything from having a bad day, to proper eating habits, to staying out of trouble so you can focus on the more important things."


"Uncle Devin is everything a children’s entertainer should be. Always engaging, never lacking in energy and full to the brim with fun."


"Uncle Devin takes an innovative and progressive approach to music, self-awareness, confidence and fun."

Lahri, Parents' Choice