The Recital Experience

Kevin Gift


Kevin demystifies the classical concert experience for students in this music assembly. Why do people clap at the end of some pieces and not at the end of others? Where do words like ‘bravo’ and ‘encore’ come from? What are those funny looking clothes performers wear and why are they called tails? Find out all of this and more through the Recital Experience, an interactive, classical concert.


"I believe Kevin's impact was two-fold, first, students gained concrete knowledge and skills pertaining to the equipment used and musical concepts. Second, students experienced the process of creating a high-quality product, consequently gaining a better understanding of good process."

Jeff, Teacher, William Pinderhughes Elementary

"The students really enjoyed the residency. They took to the technology so quickly. Also, the whole school was able to see the introductory assembly, and they LOVED it! I teach piano lessons after school, and my students that came that week said, "Guess what we got to see at school?!"

Laura, Teacher, Linthicum Elementary