The Fastest Plane


Around the world in 45 minutes: The Fastest Plane is a multi-lingual program. Travel back in time and across the world, landing in a time when animals could talk and some people could understand them! Dance through the streets of Brazil, Mexico, India, and even the United States. Students will leave this storytelling assembly with knowledge of what a folktale is and the desire to read, write and even tell other stories.

View videos of Arianna in action here!


"Watching the children put all their energy into a drama was so perfect! They were able to truly show their emotions."

Laura, Holabird Academy

"Arianna brings the perfect amount of scholarship, art, and fun that inspires all students to achieve great things. They are so proud of their final products, and they should be!"

Katrina, Art Teacher, Jessup Elementary

"Arianna’s use of humor, art, music, movement, and literature involved all of our students. The variety ways that students participated in the storytelling engaged their imaginations and strengthened their listening skills."

Holly, Teacher, Kingsville Elementary