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Learn how to use slam poetry to access tough emotions and process the world outside and inside. Recently, Baltimore and the surrounding communities have been hit hard by tragedies that have deeply impacted our children. Stress and trauma can be real obstacles to student thriving and achievement. Slam gives them a voice and a lovely language with which to speak their truths. This genre of performance poetry is the beautiful melding of heart, emotion and movement and this program will break down the process of creating slam poetry and make it fun and accessible for all. Inspires students who have been affected by personal or community trauma to write their feelings down and share them in a safe, nurturing space. Engages teachers in the process of listening with love and communicating creatively and in a language students understand.

This two-day residency includes one student assembly, small group workshops, one staff development session, and the option of a culminating performance by students.
*Artist must meet with school counselor before residency.


Typically, residencies range from $2,000 to $3,000, but we can use your available budget and ‘work backward’ to create a cost-effective residency for your school.

Residencies are tailored to your needs but usually include:

A kick-off assembly
A required orientation meeting and planning session
A set of workshops for classes of up to 25 students each
A student culminating or sharing event
An evaluation meeting
For a rough estimate, residency prices include:

Artist assembly (see artist’s page for pricing)
A set of workshops ($100 each)
A required orientation meeting and planning session ($100 each)
An evaluation meeting ($100)
Mileage and supply costs depend on artist location and the residency chosen.