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Preposterous Parodies Arts-integrated Residency

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Preposterous Parodies Arts-integrated Residency


Artist, musician and teacher Alden Phelps has performed concerts and shows in schools, theatres and festivals for over twenty years. A graduate of the Maryland Institute College of Art and, more recently, the Teaching Artist Institute, Alden leads arts-integrated songwriting residencies through Young Audiences of Maryland. Alden is also a Wolf Trap Teaching Artist.

  • Customized arts-integrated residency for grades 3-5
  • You choose the curriculum topic: a unit from science, history, reading, etc.
  • 3-6 workshops per classroom
  • A culminating concert for classes to perform their parodies
  • Reinforces many language arts skills in addition to topical curriculum

Why Parody?

We love to create parodies! Students that aren’t inspired by fractions, Maryland history or earth science will come alive when they can use their knowledge creatively. How Can I Use Parody Songwriting in the Classroom? Parody songwriting is best used to help students retain knowledge that they’ve recently learned. It’s a great project to use at the end of a unit: the students will review all the information as they write. Songwriting is an exercise in collaboration. Students learn to share, collaborate, compromise and offer useful critique.

*All workshops longer than 90 minutes include an on-site orientation meeting.
See student lyrics written with Alden here