Pop to Rock

Hot Horns


Popular music has evolved over the ages. Over time, crowds of 2,000+ people regularly have attended concerts by musicians such as the Sousa Band (active 100 years ago) and Katy Perry (singing today). Among all the elements that make a concert great, the music performed is the key to establishing popularity and positive public reception. Featuring classical, jazz, and rock music, Pop to Rock introduces students to a variety of instruments whose unique features contribute to the sounds and rhythms of popular music. References to math, science, and cross-cultural connections will be shared as applicable. Students are guaranteed to recognize the music in Pop to Rock and will be singing along and dancing in their seats before the show is over.


"The children went home and were excited to tell their parents what they saw and heard today."

Brad, Assistant Principal, William Paca/Old Post Road Elementary

"The program was the perfect mix of entertainment and education."

Ann, PTA, Stoneleigh Elementary

"Their choice of music held the attention of teenagers and their commentary created a wonderful learning environment."

Jim, Teacher, Catonsville High