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Overcoming Embarrassment to Achieve Greatness

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Overcoming Embarrassment to Achieve Greatness


In this dynamic assembly with BDCP co-founder Cynthia Chavez, students moonwalk backward into a 1970s dance club where they meet Don Campbell and learn how he created the dance style “locking” by accident! Through dance, students witness how overcoming embarrassment can lead to greatness, leaving students with a sense of confidence. This assembly gets students grooving as they embrace history and dance.


"BDCP rocks! They are leaders, self-builders, empower the children, parents when we are not on the road with them, they encourage the children to do better in all areas of life. They are just the best!"


"I love this dance group. It’s not like the other dance groups. We don’t just dance, but we have many good/positive relationships."