Outside the Box: The Math Music Connection

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Outside the Box: The Math Music Connection

Max Bent
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Research shows that music and math are highly interconnected. In the music residency Outside the Box: The Math Music Connection, students explore their relationship. Beatboxing, the vocal art form that combines human-produced beats with other vocalizations, is the perfect tool for understanding math concepts like adding and subtracting fractions, graphing, matrices, sequences, and many other challenging concepts.


Typically, residencies range from $2,000 to $3,000, but we can use your available budget and ‘work backwards’ to create a cost-effective residency for your school. We may be able to assist you in securing grant and funding opportunities.

Residencies are tailored to your needs but usually include:
• A kick-off assembly
• A required orientation meeting and planning session
• A set of workshops for classes of up to 25 students each
• A student culminating or sharing event
• An evaluation meeting

For a rough estimate, residency prices include:
• Artist assembly (see artist’s page for pricing)
• A set of workshops ($100 each)
• A required orientation meeting and planning session ($100 each)
• An evaluation meeting ($100)
• Mileage and supply costs depend on artist location and the residency chosen.


"The entire school could not get enough of Max Bent's show.The parents were skeptical to have a beatboxer entertain and educate the students, but word spread like wildfire that his performance was amazing."

Dottie, PTA, Lutherville Elementary

"Max was AMAZING! The kids LOVED and LEARNED so much! He is an arts integration master!"

Nicole, Teacher, Willards Elementary

"Max has the ability to engage such a wide age range and ability level. He was patient with our students and celebrated their unique differences. His level of craftsmanship was also outstanding and he put out so much energy and positive vibes."

Amy, Teacher, Baltimore Lab School