Movies and Music!


Movies and Music! introduces audiences to a ragtime orchestra and an orchestra in general. After introducing how an ensemble works together to create sound, we then talk about how sound impacts the way we think, how we relate sounds to emotions, and how with critical thinking we can create a scene just using music and sound! When film was in its beginning stage 100 years ago, there was no sound to accompany the movie — so we work with audiences to show how sounds can change how we think about a certain scene or action sequence. We then accompany a short silent film with the orchestra featuring Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Harold Lloyd, Laurel and Hardy, or another actor from the silent era.


"Plenty of variety played in a sparkling fashion which positively exudes good spirits... evocative of the sound that once would have been heard emanating from a park bandstand on a balmy summer's afternoon."

Sounds of Yesteryear

"The finest group of its kind... impeccably performed."

The Syncopated Times

"The premier American ragtime ensemble."

The Washington Post