Medieval Festival


During the dance assembly Medieval Festival, dancers perform 30-40 minutes of excerpts from the production of “Excalibur” including duets, solos, and theatrical combat sword fights with a narrative about the Arthurian Legends. The excerpts are set to authentic medieval and Celtic music in abstract period costumes.

Sample Common Core connection
CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RL.4.9 Compare and contrast the treatment of similar themes and topics (e.g., opposition of good and evil) and patterns of events (e.g., the quest) in stories, myths, and traditional literature from different cultures.

Photos by Jim Larsen Photography.


"Saturday’s performance by the Ballet Theatre of Maryland was magnificent! It was perfect for the Medieval Family Festival! Children and adults enjoyed it. I saw some students from my daughter’s ballet classes in the audience and they were mesmerized! Thanks also for bringing the examples of heraldry it was a perfect tie-in to the art activities."

Peggy, Education Coordinator, The Walters Art Museum

"Professional ballet company that takes great risks to showcase the art form. Amazing lifts, and powerful jumps!"

Carrie,Teacher, Severn River Middle School

"Beautiful! Wonderful program for any age student or adult."

Diane, Music Teacher, St. Michaels Elementary School