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Maryland Wolf Trap 16-Session Residency for Early Learning Classrooms

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Maryland Wolf Trap 16-Session Residency for Early Learning Classrooms

As the Maryland affiliate of the Wolf Trap Institute for Early Learning Through the Arts, Young Audiences expands access to the arts for Maryland’s youngest students during the critical early learning years. Each program includes embedded professional development to build teachers’ skills and confidence in arts integration techniques so that the arts remain a strong part of their lessons after the residency ends. Teachers will learn effective ways to engage students in participatory activities that involve all the senses and encourage critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration.

16-Session residencies can focus on literacy or STEAM skills. Residencies:

Pair a highly-trained Wolf Trap teaching artist with classroom teachers.
Cover classroom sessions, as well as planning and evaluation time.
Include embedded professional development for teachers, imparting new arts strategies that can be infused into the curriculum every day.

Learn more about our Maryland Wolf Trap Artists:

Curtis Blues
Valerie Branch
Jamaal Collier
Ali Oliver-Krueger
Katherine Lyons
Lisa Mathews
Alden Phelps
Khaleshia Thorpe-Price
Arianna Ross
Laura Schandelmeier
Elias Schutzman
Sue Trainor


“These are things I can actually do. I can change my voice when I read a story and the kids look forward to it and it helps them get out of their shell.”

Paige, Teacher, William Paca Elementary

"Everyone can participate in the arts. Through structure and repetition, we provide the opportunity for all students to be successful."

Diane Macklin, Wolf Trap Artist and professional storyteller

"This isn’t my thing—singing songs—and Diane worked with me and we developed a lesson together. It gave me ideas for the future for how to integrate art into my lessons.”

Susan, Rognel Heights Elementary/Middle