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Explaining Science Through Story

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Explaining Science Through Story


In ancient times, people explained scientific phenomenon with stories. In Explaining Science Through Story, play a series of specially-designed games for one-on-one or large group settings. Through drama and storytelling, educators discover how to teach complex scientific processes and subjects through a visually-stimulating, audio, and kinesthetic processes. Learn to design lessons that explore a specific scientific process or answer an overarching question, such as “Why is a desert expanding?” or “What is the scientific process?”

*All workshops longer than 90 minutes include an on-site orientation meeting.

View videos of Arianna in action here!


"Watching the children put all their energy into a drama was so perfect! They were able to truly show their emotions."

Laura, Holabird Academy

"Great connection to the students – great performance!"

Melanie, PTA Coordinator

"I'm so glad that my students got to experience the dynamic storytelling of Arianna Ross. Her use of humor, art, music, movement, and literature engaged all of our students in the program. The varied ways that students were involved in the story being told engaged their imaginations and strengthened their listening skills."

Holly, Music Teacher, Kingsville Elementary