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Discover Author’s Purpose through Slapstick Stories

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Discover Author’s Purpose through Slapstick Stories


Learn how to assist students in bringing storybook characters off of the page and into the classroom in Discover Author’s Purpose through Slapstick Stories. Through the exploration of vocal projection, posture, characterization, and facial expressions, students will experience a deeper understanding of a story. You will learn how to use elements of theatre to help your students develop greater understanding and enjoyment of written text. In Discover Author’s Purpose through Slapstick Stories, you’ll find new ways to expand students’ vocabulary and collaboration skills.

Sample Common Core Connection: Language 3 CCR Anchor Standard: Apply knowledge of language to understand how language functions in different contexts, to make effective choices for meaning or style.

*All workshops longer than 90 minutes include an on-site orientation meeting.


"The greatest strength was Mr. Lohr's ability to communicate with students using very few words. The interactions that took place through performance were incredible."

Garrett College


Jessica, Music Teacher, Oakdale Eelementary