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The Birth of Steel Drum Music

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The Birth of Steel Drum Music


Rockcreek Steel Drum’s Band, “Bermuda Blue” takes the audience on a journey through the development of the modern steel drum instrument in this music assembly. The Birth of Steel Drum Music starts in the small Caribbean Island of Trinidad in the 1940’s with roots spreading back to the traditional “Talking Drums” of Africa. Bermuda Blue demonstrates the different types of steel drums and other Caribbean instruments while playing Calypso music. Students join the band to play steel drums and tamboo bamboo. Students leave the Birth of Steel Drum Music with an appreciation and understanding of steel drum music, the instrument and its history and culture.


“We just finished our session the Rockcreek Steel Drums and it was phenomenal!!! I have never seen 33 children so engrossed and having fun learning to play 'Yellow Bird.'"

Shirley, Co-Director of Children and Youth Programs, Paul's Place

"This was the best assembly our school has ever had! It was the perfect mix of entertainment and education! Positive energy, very knowledgeable and engaging for the kids."

Deanna, PTA, Meadowvale Elementary