The Science of Sound

Caryn Lin

Available as a Virtual Program


In this interactive multimedia extravaganza, Caryn transforms sound through the use of a five-string electric violin and modern technology that takes the students from the classical days of Bach to today’s techno-wonders. By using looping & sound effects, the musical equivalent of light traveling through a prism is created. Caryn opens students’ minds to explore out-of-the-box thinking in any discipline while also introducing the scientific concepts involved in creating live music. Three-dimensional sound waves become visible, bringing music to life before the audience’s very eyes & ears! Students see S.T.E.M. at work in the real world.


"Everyone LOVED the show!!! I got so much positive feedback. It tied into S.T.E.M. perfectly and the music was amazing! I’m so happy we got a chance to have you come down and perform."

Joe Meerdter Ebb Valley Elementary, Manchester, MD

"The kids were, indeed, awestruck. Thanks!!!!"

Annette Di Maggio, PTA Sudlersville Elementary Middle School, Sudlersville, MD

"We were very rewarded and enriched by your performance!! As parent volunteers, we enjoy coordinating the assembly programs but are always slightly anxious about how the students and teachers will receive our choices.  Your performance was applauded by both of our primary critics.  So, we can happily say…The Science of Sound was a hit! Thank you for sharing your time, talent, and knowledge with our community."

Kimberly, Julie, Amy & Kelly, PTA Stoneleigh Elementary, Baltimore, MD