It's Alive! Kinetic Creature Lab

It’s Alive! Kinetic Creature Lab

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It’s Alive! Kinetic Creature Lab

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Who says sculpture can’t dance or draw? In the technology residency, It’s Alive! Kinetic Creature Lab, your young makers invent kinetic electromechanical creatures with distinct personalities!  Students draw “coded” character sketches, decode the work of their peers, and develop their designs into 3-D creatures by “sketching with stuff.”  Finally, they bring them to life with motors, LED lights, and electrical circuits. Elementary students explore color, line, shape, form and kinetic elements, and assign personal meaning to their design choices. Participants in grades 6 and above create coded creatures with increasingly more complex circuits and unique kinetic elements that allow them to draw.  All creatures go home after a culminating creature dance party!


“I was looking for ways to make learning tangible in my classroom.
I wanted a transdisciplinary project that would engage my
students and plug into my existing curriculum without replacing
it. FutureMakers met all of these expectations and more.”

Andria, Teacher, Harford County Public Schools

“Great hands-on STEAM project. It got everyone involved!”

Emma K. Doub Elementary