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The Multicultural Roots of American Music

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The Multicultural Roots of American Music

Curtis Blues


Most people know how African-American blues music influenced modern rock, Hip Hop, and rap. But what are the influences that helped create blues from musical traditions in Africa?

Multi-instrumentalist Curtis Blues performs with fascinating instruments from Africa and North and South America to demonstrate how African musical history changed music all over the world. The Multicultural Roots of American Music traces musical history from African lutes through gourd banjos, brought over on slave ships, to the modern guitar styles of the blues and rap beats today.

This assembly program touches on many curriculum connections as well as celebrating the lives of specific African-Americans who changed musical history.

Sample Common Core Connection: Music Standard 1.0 Perceiving and Responding: Aesthetic Education: Students will demonstrate the ability to perceive, perform, and respond to music.


"Curtis had a great rapport, energy, and enthusiasm, and a love for his subject."

Jane, Teacher, Gilman School Lower

"What a kind and wonderful person Curtis Blues is! He has so much valuable information for the kids to learn. He kept the children so engaged while learning!"

Tammy, PTA, Bodkin Elementary

"Curtis made a history lesson come alive with music!"

Elaine, Sharp Leadenhall