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Writing Coaches play a key role in supporting interns throughout the program

Writing coaches work collaboratively to build a curriculum that includes in-class writer’s workshops crafted to develop three finished pieces: a bio/cover letter, a resume, and the personal statement used for the college application. Workshops will help to build interns’ writing stamina and teach them the value of revision and persistence. They will be held accountable to finish their work because they will work in groups to provide and receive feedback. Central to the success of the writing component will be the regular writing practice that is required each week. Weekly blog posts create a routine that allows the students to develop writing skills in a safe and imaginative environment.

“I loved my experience with Bloomberg. I made long-term connections with staff and interns, I feel like my horizons are expanded in terms of considerations for my future as an artist, and I have more knowledge about the community. I benefited from this internship in a number of ways, and this opportunity is one that I am going to cherish for a long time.” -Seth Plummer, BAI 2020 Cohort