Bloomberg Arts Internship Baltimore

Writing Coaches play a key role in supporting interns throughout the program

Writing Coaches work collaboratively to build a curriculum that includes in-class writer’s workshops crafted to develop two finished pieces: an essay about a work of art and the personal statement used for the college application. Workshops will help to build interns’ writing stamina and teach them the value of revision and persistence. They will be held accountable to finish their work because they will work in groups to provide and receive feedback. Central to the success of the writing component will be the regular writing practice that is required each week. Weekly blog posts create a routine that allows the students to develop writing skills in a safe and imaginative environment.

A key assignment will be for students to choose a work of art that they see during one of the trips during Orientation and write an essay about it, not as a research paper, but rather as a personal response. This will be an opportunity for them to look closely at an artwork, and express their own ideas in a formal written piece. Writing about a work of art will require the students to think deeply and will serve to heighten their experience. Focused writing prompts that are a regular part of the program throughout the summer will allow students to articulate and picture themselves at an important juncture in their lives.

“I feel like I really got a head start on everything I need to do for college. The internship opened me up to new people and friends. The panel brought new things I didn’t know to my mind. The field trips were so much fun and it brought me to a place I had never been.” -2018 BAI Intern