Children kneeling on stage around a microphone and taking turns singing into it with musician Scott Paynter accompanying them on guitar.

Hear Scott Paynter on smARTbeats!


smARTbeats returns to WTMD on Saturday, October 19 during the weekly children’s program Young At Heart! On this month’s segment, host Lisa Mathews talks with Scott Paynter, or Scotty P as he’s known around town, one of our talented teaching artists from Summer Arts & Learning Academy (SALA). He…

Portrait of Cecil Elementary Principal Aleesha Manning

Meet the Principal: Aleesha Manning


Mrs. Aleesha Manning, Principal of Cecil Elementary, began her teaching career in Baltimore City in 2003 as a Kindergarten teacher at Lakewood Elementary. The following year, she joined the Cecil family/community and served as a teacher and assistant principal. She…

Portrait ofCross Country Elementary/Middle School Principal LaShella Stanfield

Meet the Principal: LaShella Stanfield


The arts in LaShella Stanfield’s school have proven to be a catalyst for students’ academic success. That’s one reason Mrs. Stanfield, Principal of Cross Country Elementary/Middle School, is participating in Young Audiences’ inaugural Principal Fellowship Program. Through the program, she…

Arundel Principal Rochelle Machado sits at a table to write down what she hopes to gain from the Principal Fellowship on a Dream Banner

Meet the Principal: Rochelle Machado


Mrs. Rochelle Machado believes every scholar has the potential to be great. The principal of Arundel Elementary Middle School and winner of the 2016 Heart of the School Award wants to make a difference in the Cherry Hill school community…

Principal Reese uses watercolor to create her wish banner at the Principal's Fellowship dinner

Meet the Principal: Monique Reese


In January 2020, Bay Brook Elementary Middle School will move into a 21st Century school building! Monique B. Reese, Principal of Bay Brook told us that along with the move, her school is adopting an arts integration model. During her first three…

SummerREADS: An Internship Like No Other


Written by Soni Kunwar, 2019 SummerREADS Intern When I was looking for a summer internship during my spring semester at college, I came across an internship for the SummerREADS program at Young Audiences of Maryland. What caught my eye about…

Voices for a Relevant Future: 2019 Bloomberg Arts Internship


This week, 35 Bloomberg Arts Interns—all rising seniors in Baltimore high schools—will be winding down their travels in and out and through our city’s marvelous historic and contemporary art-filled spaces. We are lucky, here in Baltimore, to have such esteemed…

The Tangible Intangible: A Witness to the Power of the Arts


Written by Alan Hoff, Young Audiences Board of Directors, Vice Chairman The arts are not just nice, they’re critical to the development and well-being of our communities. I am both excited and proud that Baltimore County has continued to recognize…

Art Inspires Math Inspires Art: The Ripple Effect of Arts Integration


What does learning look like in June? It’s hot, kids are getting restless, and classes don’t typically get any easier academically. Quite the opposite, in fact, for Algebra 1 students and teachers at North County High School in Anne Arundel County…

Imagine the Connections…


Written by Barbara Krebs, Young Audiences volunteer and Sunburst Society member “What does the artist do? He draws connections. He ties the invisible threads between things.” —Anselm Kiefer, German painter and sculptor A few weeks ago, Young Audiences hosted an…



Written by Stacie Sanders Evans, President and CEO of Young Audiences/Arts for Learning Belonging. That’s the word that has been on my mind. Our founder, Nina Collier, understood belonging. She felt music belonged in schools, that artists belonged in a…

Two high school interns playing Rock, Paper, Scissors on the sidewalk outside of Motor House on North Ave. in Baltimore. A larger group of high school students are gathered in the background.

Internships – A Crucial Stepping Stone for Success


Written by Barbara Krebs, Young Audiences volunteer and Sunburst Society member Classes may be just about to wrap up, but for 33 Baltimore students who have accepted positions in the Bloomberg Arts Internship this summer, a different kind of learning…

Guests smiling and laughing as they gathered around tables set with a delicious breakfast of fruit, juice, biscuits, and candied bacon.

Preparing for Improvisation


Written by Barbara Krebs, Young Audiences volunteer and Sunburst Society member The thing I like most about Young Audiences’ Impact Breakfast is that I never know what new insight I will take away from it. Sometimes I go home and…

The heel of Quynn's red and black tap shoes strikes the floor in the foreground. In the background, kindergardeners' tennis shoes imitate the dance step.

I Am Ready: Early Learning and the Arts


When Quynn Johnson steps into the Pre-K and Kindergarten classrooms at Margaret Brent Elementary School in Baltimore City, she is met with hugs and big, bright smiles. The students love that they’ve been learning to tap with the artist and…

The Power of Community: Professional Development in the Arts


An inaugural Arts Integration Conference held at the Chesapeake Arts Center (CAC) showcased the strength and excellence of the Arts Empowered Minds Initiative (AEMI)‘s collective knowledge and resources. Over the course of the day, Anne Arundel County Public Schools (AACPS)…

2019 Bloomberg Arts Internship Worksites Announced!


This summer, rising high school seniors in Baltimore City Public Schools will have the opportunity to work and learn in one of Maryland’s stellar and well-respected arts and cultural organizations through the Bloomberg Arts Internship, a program designed to challenge and inspire students. The…

Wring, Fling, Bling, and Sing


Written by Barbara Krebs, Young Audiences volunteer and Sunburst Society member As a Young Audiences volunteer, I’ve been fortunate enough to watch a variety of artists at work in the classroom. And the results always amaze and humble me. Whether…

The Power of “What If?”: A National Residency Teaching Artist Credential


Written by Stacie Sanders Evans, Chair, Young Audiences’ National Residency Teaching Artist Credential President & CEO, Young Audiences of Maryland One of the things I admire about many of the artists I encounter is their ability to envision and create…

Step by Step: The Power of the Arts


Written by Barbara Krebs, Young Audiences volunteer and Sunburst Society member As a pair of dancers performed, a group of elementary school children sat, crisscross applesauce, watching their every move. Valerie Branch, a dancer and choreographer with Young Audiences had…

Spreading the Word


Teaching a subject through a new art form feels less daunting after not only seeing a successful idea modeled in a classroom setting, but actually participating in the learning as a student. At Community Arts: Connecting Neighborhoods and Classrooms, the 13th Annual…

Study Shows YA’s Summer Arts & Learning Academy Exceeds Expectations in Supporting Academic and Social-Emotional Growth


Students in free arts-integrated program for City Schools realize growth in math, reading, writing, and social-emotional learning – especially for those behind academically. BALTIMORE, (February 18, 2019) – A new study shows that students who participate in Baltimore City Public…

Student-Centered Summer


In January, the sun disappears so quickly—its absence makes the air that much colder. It feels funny to reflect on my youngest daughter’s first experience at Summer Arts & Learning Academy (SALA) when, outside, it feels like it just might snow. Kiyah…

A Saturday Morning Tunes Giveaway!


Thanks to our smARTbeats partners, WTMD, we have five Family Four-Packs for the Saturday Morning Tunes Grateful Dead tribute show with Ed Hough’s Dead Collective to give away! That means five of our lucky Facebook followers will receive four tickets…

Young Audiences Art Crawl

Inspire, Imagine, Improve!


Written by Barbara Krebs, Young Audiences volunteer and Sunburst Society member A few weeks ago, I was happy to attend Young Audiences’ third Art Crawl, held this year at the Single Carrot Theatre adjacent to YA’s offices. For those of…

Valerie Branch and Katherine Dilworth

Smart Growth: Onward in Unison


Have you noticed how much we’re growing? Our staff is now 29 people strong! That collective energy is felt every day, but it really blew us all away as new and veteran staff sang together at the start of our…

Jason Baker

smARTbeats with Jason Baker of Fractal Cat


smARTbeats returns to WTMD on Saturday, November 10 during the weekly children’s program Young At Heart! On this month’s segment, host Lisa Mathews talks with Jason Baker, one of our talented teaching artists from Summer Arts & Learning Academy (SALA). Jason is a board-certified music therapist and teaching artist…

A Contemporary Armillary Sphere for the Community

A Contemporary Armillary Sphere for the Community


Chesapeake Arts Center (CAC) Resident Artist and UMBC Visual Arts Professor Stephen Bradley’s work spans many disciplines. His art explores our relationship to place through ambient sound recordings, landscape photography, and recorded stories juxtaposed with artifacts discarded or lost in…

Arts Empowered Minds Initiative

Arts Empowered Minds Initiative: Prioritizing Children and Learning


Written by Barbara Krebs, Young Audiences volunteer and Sunburst Society member It’s all about priorities. There are only 24 hours in a day, and as a busy person, you have to prioritize the most important things. I could tell that…

Young Audiences Selected as Grantee of Bloomberg Philanthropies’ AIM Program


Young Audiences / Arts for Learning Maryland will participate in $43 million program Young Audiences announced that it is a grantee recipient of Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Arts Innovation and Management (AIM) program. The invitation-only program seeks to strengthen the organizational capacity…

Arts Integration

Arts Integration: 1 + 2 = Fun!


Written by Barbara Krebs, Young Audiences volunteer and Sunburst Society member When I was studying for exams in college, I would often create a strong visual image to help me remember test items. For example – the 6 C’s of…