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Uncle Devin

Artist Credentials
Maryland Wolf Trap Teaching Artist
Teaching Artist Institute Graduate
About this Artist

The original “Drumcussionist,” Uncle Devin has gained national acclaim as a leader in the children’s music industry with his unique musical style, real percussion instruments, and the latest in electronic drums. His CD, “Uncle Devin’s Drum Tales,” won a 2013 Parents’ Choice Presentation Award. Uncle Devin has been playing percussion for more than 25 years with groups ranging from Fertile Ground to the Great Dizzie Gillespie, and is a panelist who has showcased at KindieFest.


"The Uncle Devin Show is pure edutainment at its finest. Bringing a message of love while sharing helpful life knowledge. The content of Uncle Devin's songs covers everything from having a bad day, to proper eating habits, to staying out of trouble so you can focus on the more important things."