Skher Brown

Skher Brown and the Dancing Warriors Ensemble

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Teaching Artist Institute Graduate
About this Artist

“Baba” Skher Brown is one of less than 10 American-born artists in the United States who have reached his ranking in the African-Brazilian folk-art Capoeira Angola. As the director of the Dancing Warriors ensemble, Skher Brown performs alongside fellow veteran artists who have traveled throughout Brazil, collectively presenting to thousands of adults and children.

Artist Statement

Capoeira Angola is more than just a martial art. It is a cultural doorway into the world of others both like and different from us. It draws us in through dance, movement, music, song, and stories of distant lands.


"I loved it! I’ve now taking a liking to this because of Baba Skher. It actually makes me want to learn it." --Eighth-grade Student, Southwest Baltimore Charter

"Skher was very engaging and you kept us smiling and laughing. It was fun!" --Eighth-grade Student, Southwest Baltimore Charter