Scott Patterson

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Teaching Artist Institute Graduate
About this Artist

Scott Patterson’s blend of classical, soul and rock music is futuristic and luxuriant. His space-themed compositions inspire audiences to press beyond the limits of their imagination. Pittsburgh Tribune-Review describes Patterson’s playing as, “a masterly blend of virtuosity, singing style and beautiful voicing.”

Artist Statement

As a performer and composer, I put my entire being, passion, and skills into telling a story. Doing so enables me to take the audience on a journey to transcend limitations, and transform the heart. My approach to creating and performing extends to my work in schools. As a teaching artist, I have seen firsthand the positive impact of arts education on students. While teaching at an elementary school, I held an end-of-year event in which the students performed their original compositions. Everything they learned over the course of the year in my class came to life as they took the stage to share their creations. The sense of pride and ownership that each child expressed was astounding.


"I really enjoyed the performance and how throughout the entire show, students were invited to participate."

Mrs. Boyce, 5th grade teacher, Scholars K-8

"In an educational system that is full of memorization and testing, Mr. Patterson's performance gave students an opportunity to use their creativity and be imaginative -- something they're not used to in day-to-day school interactions."

Randallstown Elementary