Rockcreek Steel Drums

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Kevin Martin has been playing, building, and teaching people to play steel drum instruments for over twenty years. Rockcreek Steel Drums has built and sold thousands of steel drum instruments in over 40 countries. Kevin has also played thousands of steel drum performances and brought his workshops to festivals, events, and schools. Kevin works to spread the experience of playing steel drums and the history of this great instrument born in Trinidad.


"The impact of the residency with Rockcreek Steel Drums is hard to put into words. Our students, including some of our most shy students, challenged themselves to learn new concepts and push beyond their comfort zone. They performed beautifully in front of more people than they would normally be comfortable being in a room with. I've heard only positive feedback of the experience and we look forward to working with Rockcreek Steel Drums in the future! ... Kevin Martin is a gem. This residency provided our school with just the kind of music experience we needed. I wish we could keep him year-round!"

Cindy, Principal, The Pathways School - Anne Arundel

"Kevin Martin was engaging and made sure that residency was appropriate for all the students involved. He also brought in guest artists to help and made sure that the students connected with the music he chose. He is an excellent teacher and motivator and shows passion and enthusiasm for his art. Kevin's passion for the steel drum, and music of the Caribbean will leave student's inspired to learn more."

Jennifer, Music Teacher, Imagine Discovery Public Charter