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Peabody Opera Theatre has been bringing enjoyable, family-friendly opera into the community for nearly 20 years. The artistic and music directors are faculty from the Peabody Opera Department. Peabody Opera Theatre performers change every year, but they are always excellent graduate and upper-level undergraduate students at the Peabody Institute. Performing in the outreach show allows the singers real-world experience while fomenting the interest of the next generation of music-lovers.


"Thank you again for bringing the Peabody Outreach Opera to Thomas Jefferson E/M last week. Our students greatly enjoyed the program. The program was wonderful with beautiful sets. Our gym was transformed! Everything was of the highest quality!"

Sherrie Norwitz, Thomas Jefferson Elementary/Middle School

"I immensely enjoyed your music, and your acting and singing was superb."

Meg, 5th grader

"Your show was great. That was the first time I saw an opera. I think if someone asks me what my favorite opera place is when I am 22, I’ll say the Peabody Opera place."

Madison, 2nd grader