Kevin Martin

Kevin Martin

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Kevin Martin has been building and playing steel drums for more than 20 years. Through his company Rockcreek Steel Drums, Kevin has built thousands of steel drum instruments for clients across the world. As a performer, Kevin works with two regional bands, Bermuda Blue and The Geckos. A roster artist for the Maryland, New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania affiliates of Young Audiences, Kevin worked in more than 70 schools, teaching workshops, residencies, and assemblies during the 2011-2012 school year. In 2012, Kevin was named Young Audiences of Maryland’s “Artist of the Year.” Kevin Martin graduated from Cornell University with a degree in Policy Analysis.


"This residency fits in perfectly within the curriculum. It infused our program with excitement and electricity! Even the teachers were renewed by participating in the workshops."

Elizabeth, Teacher, Southern Middle

"This was the best assembly our school has ever had! It was the perfect mix of entertainment and education! Positive energy, very knowledgeable and engaging for the kids."

Deanna, PTA, Meadowvale Elementary

"We just finished our session the Rockcreek Steel Drums and it was phenomenal!!! I have never seen 33 children so engrossed and having fun learning to play "Yellow Bird.""

Shirley, Co-Director of Children and Youth Programs, Paul's Place

"The impact of the residency with Rockcreek Steel Drums is hard to put into words. Our students, including some of our most shy students, challenged themselves to learn new concepts and push beyond their comfort zone. They performed beautifully in front of more people than they would normally be comfortable being in a room with. I've heard only positive feedback of the experience and we look forward to working with Rockcreek Steel Drums in the future! ... Kevin Martin is a gem. This residency provided our school with just the kind of music experience we needed. I wish we could keep him year-round!"

Cindy, Principal, The Pathways School - Anne Arundel