Guardian Dance Company

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Guardian Dance Company acts as a preserver and restorer of culture and heritage by studying, teaching and performing dance styles that emerged as modes of personal and group expression within African American communities. The Lindy Hop, Breaking, Locking, and other dances indigenous to black communities, are at once a record of the social history of African Americans, and critical building blocks to the integrity of the community at large.

Artist Statement from Breai Mason-Campbell

I am driven to bring joy, healing, and hope to people and communities through movement. Dance helps us to know ourselves better, to get to know other cultures, and to learn to accept who we are and appreciate others. This is my life’s work.

An exemplar in the embodiment of the African American vernacular tradition, Breai Mason-Campbell has directed and performed at the Reginald F. Lewis Museum, the Baltimore Museum of Art, the Mechanic Theater and the Hippodrome, amongst other prestigious venues. From 1998-2003, Breai danced with three professional African Dance companies between Boston and Baltimore until founding the Guardian Dance Company in 2003.


"This Arts Program is the best thing we do to bring the community together."

Laverne Stokes, New Song Urban Ministries