Curtis Blues

Artist Credentials
Maryland Wolf Trap Teaching Artist
Teaching Artist Institute Graduate
About this Artist

Curtis Blues is a talented multi-instrumentalist, roots musician, and educator. His performances keep the tradition of acoustic American roots music alive and demonstrate the origins of modern Rock and Hip Hop for students. Curtis has three critically-acclaimed CDs and is passionate about passing this musical heritage down to the next generation.

Artist Statement

Through my association with Young Audiences and the Teaching Artist Institute I have broadened my perspective on how teaching the history of acoustic Blues can make the curriculum’s history, music, and language arts details come alive. With arts-integrated teaching, students experience that learning can be engaging and fun.


"Curtis had great rapport, energy, enthusiasm, and a love for his subject. He connected with both students and teachers. He exhibited great knowledge of his subject and made connections with contemporary genres. He had good audience control."

Jane, Teacher, Gilman School Lower

"He made a history lesson come alive with music!"

Elaine, Teacher, Sharp Leadenhall

"What a kind and wonderful person Curtis Blues is! He has so much valuable information for the kids to learn. He kept the children so engaged while learning!"

Tammy, PTA, Bodkin Elementary school