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Baltimore Improv Group

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The Baltimore Improv Group (BIG) is dedicated to advancing the art of improvisational theatre through an active program of performance, instruction, and outreach. Baltimore Improv Group is celebrating its 11th Season of spreading comedy, communication, and empathy throughout Maryland.

Artist Statement

Children are natural improvisers–they are curious, imaginative, and creative. It’s amazing to watch them engage in the structured play of improvisational theatre to see how they make quick connections not only to their academics, but also clearly as communicators with each other.


Performing improv with BIG is hilarious! I love to watch my friends perform funny characters in improv scenes.

Student, St. Paul’s School for Girls

BIG was WONDERFUL! Students moved through the process of learning about Improvisation to performing student-led improv skits during the program. I was able to see them applying the skills of problem-solving, collaboration, teamwork, and perseverance. Bridget and Michael were amazing with the students. They created a climate where students felt safe to take risks in expressing themselves and were accepting of various ideas and perspectives.

Theresa, School Counselor, Seven Oaks Elementary

My favorite part was performing for my classmates. I liked to make them laugh.

Student, Seven Oaks Elementary