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Summer Arts Corps

The Teaching Artist Institute or the Summer Arts Corps?
Which training is for you?

If you are an artist interested in translating your talent, passion, and skill set into a strong residency that you will pilot in classrooms alongside a teacher partner and supported by master teaching artists, the Teaching Artist Institute (TAI) is the training for you!

If you are an artist interested in working in Young Audiences/Arts for Learning’s five-week Summer Arts and Learning Academy, co-teaching arts integrated math and literacy lessons with a teacher partner, as well as facilitating your own arts classes, then Summer Arts Corps is the training for you!


The Summer Arts Corps

Young Audiences Education Director Kristina Berdan leading the arts-integrated Professional Development Week for Summer Arts and Learning Academy teachers and teaching artists.

The Summer Arts Corps is a comprehensive professional development program for artists who have experience in a variety of settings with students (classrooms, community based spaces, nonprofits, etc.) and would like to work in the five week rigorous and engaging Summer Arts and Learning Academies (SALA) operated by Young Audiences/Arts for Learning (YA) for Baltimore City Schools.

Academy Mission: The Summer Arts and Learning Academy provides students with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spend a summer learning from the best teachers and teaching artists our state has to offer. Through a dynamic, creative, and supportive environment, students explore math and literacy in a unique arts integrated environment that prevents the summer learning slide, allows them to develop socially and emotionally, expands their personal creative process, and introduces them to many different art forms taught by professional artists.

Based on a model of arts integration and co-teaching, the summer program places teaching artists and teachers in classrooms to co-plan, co-teach and reflect upon daily morning math and literacy lessons. Teaching artists then spend the afternoons with students diving deeper into their art forms.

The Summer Arts Corps prepares artists with the skills, knowledge, and tools to develop and implement both math and literacy lesson plans in collaboration with a teacher partner, as well as an outline for their art classes in the afternoons. 

As a practicum, teaching artists are partnered with a teacher from SALA to co-plan and co-teach several lessons during the school year in that teacher’s classroom. At the end of the training, through self-evaluation and an evaluation completed by staff and the teacher partners, teaching artists will be invited to work in a variety of roles, ranging from:

  • serving as a teaching assistant/apprentice to lead teaching artists
  • serving as a substitute for lead teaching artists
  • serving as a lead teaching artist

Teaching artists who work in SALA will join the full summer staff for one week and two days of professional development prior to the start of the program. SALA teaching artists do not have to have completed TAI, yet are welcome to participate in it after they have completed SALA, if interested.

Artists must apply to participate. YA staff will select 25 artists for this training.

Artists do not pay for this training, and in fact, given it will require 50-70 hours of an artists’ time, YA will pay $500 to those artists that successfully complete the program to help cover the loss of income from participating in the PD.

If interested, please contact Kristina Berdan at


The Teaching Artist Institute

Teaching Artist Institute graduate and new YA roster artist Brittany Roger developed and refined her arts-integrated residency “The Drawing Zoo: Art Meets Science” at the 2016-17 Teaching Artist Institute.

The Teaching Artist Institute (TAI) is a comprehensive professional development program, now in its tenth year, for teaching artists who are newer to the classroom and all that it entails.

Mission: TAI cultivates a community of teaching artists who are empowered to partner with teachers to transform learning environments that address the diverse needs of our students and breathe joy and creativity into classrooms.  TAI seminars provide teaching artists with training in educational best practices, curriculum standards and classroom management strategies; coaching from an exemplary faculty; and opportunities to network and collaborate with other artists and teachers.

This program trains 20-25 teaching artists each year in the use and understanding of the fine arts and Common Core standards, as well as arts integration strategies to build their capacity to engage teachers and students. It is based on a collaborative teaching approach between each teaching artist and their teacher partner.  Each TAI team designs and implements one residency in which teachers gain arts skills and artists gain valuable teaching skills. The residency is field tested and co-taught by the TAI Team in the teacher’s home school. It can become the foundation for additional residencies that the artist creates for continued work in schools. Teaching artists graduate from TAI based on a rubric and feedback from their TAI staff mentors and teaching partners.

TAI is offered by Young Audiences in partnership with the Maryland State Arts Council and the Arts Education in Maryland Schools Alliance, with an advisory committee that selects participants. We typically charge artists $300 to participate.

If interested, contact Liz Galuardi at

Learn more about TAI.