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Teaching Artist Institute

What is the Teaching Artist Institute?

The Teaching Artist Institute (TAI) is a comprehensive professional development program for teaching artists that build artists’ capacity to contribute to student learning in and through the arts.

The program trains teaching artists in the use and understanding of the state curriculum and the Common Core Standards, as well as arts integration strategies to assist the artist in engaging teachers and students. Topics such as classroom management strategies, designing, writing, and teaching artist-in-residence lessons, and educator needs are covered, as well as opportunities for field testing and feedback.

TAI is based on a collaborative teaching approach between teachers and artists. Individual applicants will be matched with an appropriate partner. Each TAI team will design and implement a residency in which teachers gain arts skills and artists gain valuable teaching skills. The residency will be field tested and co-taught by the TAI Team in the teacher’s home school.

This comprehensive training program for professional artists is a partnership between Young Audiences, the Arts Education in Maryland Schools Alliance (AEMS), and the Maryland State Arts Council (MSAC).

WYPR 88.1 FM has reported on how TAI helps artists and teachers work together to use the arts to creatively address Common Core and STEM standards. Listen or read the full stories here and here and here!

Why should I consider TAI?

Artists receive…

  • Instruction in designing, writing, and teaching artist-in-residence programs aligned with the MSDE Fine Arts Standards and/or Common Core standards
  • 1:1 mentorship from a designated teacher partner and a master teaching artist in your art form
  • Opportunities to field test your lessons and receive feedback from teachers and colleagues
  • Entry into the 2018 Progressive Education Summit in Baltimore
  • The opportunity to be considered for the Maryland State Arts Council Artist in Residence Roster, as well as the Young Audiences/Arts for Learning Teaching Artist Roster
  • Consideration for a 5-week paid teaching position at Young Audiences’ Summer Arts and Learning Academy (SALA) 2018
    • Attention artists NEW to SALA: if you are selected to teach at SALA following TAI, your TAI tuition will be reimbursed

Teachers receive…

  • A partnership with a professional artist wherein you will assist the artist in creating a brand new fine arts or arts-integrated residency
  • Workshops with master teaching artists
  • Entry to the Progressive Education Summit in Baltimore 2018
  • A $300 stipend for attending all required dates
  • Your school will receive a pilot residency in your classroom PLUS up to 3 more classrooms for only $600 (a typical residency costs $2500+)


Choose the best TAI track for you!

IMG_7762webTAI Seminar I:
Bringing Your Art into the Classroom

TAI Seminar I: Bringing Your Art Into the Classroom

All teachers (PreK-12, special areas, etc.) and teaching artists are welcome to apply! TAI I is geared toward artists who are stepping into classrooms for the first time, or who would like to learn more about bringing their art form to schools. TAI I is also appropriate for experienced teaching artists who would like to create a brand new residency.

All professional artists and teachers are eligible to apply. This is a competitive application process. Only 20 artists and 20 teachers will be selected to participate. Candidates will be selected based on experience, evidence of commitment to arts learning, and evidence of commitment to students.


IMG_8863webTAI Seminar II:
Integrating to the Core

TAI Seminar II: Integrating to the Core 

This seminar is custom-designed to meet the needs of performing and visual artists who have at least 1-year experience teaching an artist-in-residency program in classrooms who are interested in developing an arts-integrated artist-in-residence program that aligns with the Maryland State Fine Arts Curriculum and the MD College and Career Readiness Standards.

Unlike TAI I, TAI II is very focused on art integration in the classroom. Teachers and artists will co-plan and co-teach an arts-integrated residency that connects the arts to other curricular subject areas.

All non-arts teachers are eligible to apply. Only artists who have been teaching in educational settings for at least 1 year may apply for TAI II. Preference will be given to artists who have completed TAI I.


TAI Costs


The true cost of TAI is $3000 per artist. However, our generous sponsors have made it possible for us to offer a scholarship for each artist who participates, significantly reducing the price for our participants.

  • TAI Costs $380 for participating artists, including a $30 application fee, and payments may be made in small installments.

Teachers: Teachers who participate will receive a $300 stipend for their time and commitment.

Schools: Schools will pay only $600 for a TAI pilot residency. A typical 4-classroom residency costs $2,500 and up.

TAI Program Schedule

The 2018 TAI program schedule has not been determined yet. To stay up to date on upcoming TAI events, please join our mailing list!

TAI Newsletter

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Video Gallery

Breaking In Breaking Through copy

Breaking In, Breaking Through

TAI is helping to build a community of artists, teachers, and leaders who are committed to transforming education through the arts. Watch this short video which shares stories from one teacher, one artist, and one student who all have felt the impact of the arts in the classroom.

TAI Info copy

TAI Informational Video

Learn how TAI is building a learning community in Maryland for teaching artists by providing training, resources, and networking opportunities. Hear testimonials from participants and organizers.

Learn more:
Read a testimonial from a TAI graduate
Program Schedule
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“Trust and believe, it is without a single shred of hyperbole that I say that this training is magical. – C.A. August, slam poet

“TAI is an amazing opportunity where artists, educators, and staff truly collaborate to help process, define, and designate the importance of art in the classroom.” – Bridget Cavaiola and Michael Harris, Baltimore Improv Group

“I really felt like I was re-energized in my way of thinking and the facilitators brought a plethora of knowledge to the table. I appreciated their ability to listen, answer questions, and make the experience fun, interactive and simply enjoyable.”- Valerie Branch, dancer

Read more testimonials here!

Congratulations to our 2014 TAI 1 and 2 Seminar Graduates!

The following artists and teacher partners completed the TAI Seminar in May 2014. During the course of the program, artists worked with classroom teachers to design arts-integrated and Common Core-aligned programs for schools.

Pam Negrin*, Textiles, and Amy Dougherty, Germantown Elementary
Amy Wood, Portraits, and Candice Marshall, Kensington Parkwood Elementary
Anna Menendez*, Flamenco Dance, and Kimberly Mooney, Roland Park Elementary/Middle
Ryan Diehl*, Jazz/Percussion Music, and Jennifer Brumbalow, Scholars K-8
David Baxter, Jazz Music, and Peter Redgrave, City Neighbors Charter School
Courtney Miller Bellairs, Architecture, and Peggy Preusch, Beltsville Academy
Lisa Krause, Puppetry, and Rondy Vick, Empowerment Academy
Valerie Branch*, Modern Dance, and Kerri Howell, Seven Oaks Elementary
Bridget Cavaiola and Michael Harris of Baltimore Improv Group*, Improvisational Theatre, and Theresa Elam, Seven Oaks Elementary
Kevin Gift*, Music Production, and Lindsey Winand, City Neighbors High
Matt Barinholtz of FutureMakers*, Sculpture and Design, and Andria Sorrentino William Paca Elementary
Alison Crosby, Modern Dance, and Linda Opiekun, Brooklyn Park Middle
Liz Galuardi, Theatre, and Regina Crosley, Maryland City Elementary
Mama Kay Lawal and Mama Rashida Forman-Bey of WombWork Productions*, Theatre, and Cindy Marcoline, Windsor Hills Elementary/Middle
Laura White, Visual Art, and Michelle Venable, Oakdale Elementary
Chris Potts, Storytelling/Theatre, and Emily Brown, Magnolia Elementary
Uncle Devin*, Music, and Judith Pirela, Germantown Elementary

Janet Felsten, Design and the Environment, and Jennifer Becker, Western High
Bomani*, Hip Hop Poetry, and Mary Bauernschub, Beltsville Academy
Curtis Blues*, Delta Blues Music, and Laura Carter, Southern Middle
Joanne Miller, Visual Art, and Ingrid McCoy, Beltsville Academy
Suzanne Forton, Mixed Media, and Eileen Cave, Rosa L. Parks Elementary

*Young Audiences roster artist

Many thanks to our sponsors:

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