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Arts Integration Partnerships

Kevin Martin

Why integrate the arts?

How do we transform teaching practice to ensure all children are given the best circumstances for learning? Young Audiences works in partnership with schools and school districts to address this question through arts integration professional development for educators. School administrators and district leadership credit the use of arts-integrated professional development for contributing to:

  • increased student achievement and attendance;
  • decreased office referrals;
  • and building a positive school climate.

Professional development for teachers in arts integration and utilizing the skills of teaching artists are among the top three recommendations from the President’s Committee on Arts and Humanities. Arts integration challenges schools to restructure the classroom. Teachers and artists plan, teach, reflect, and revise together—giving students the best of both “minds” (educators’ and artists’).

Our goals

Teachers will distinguish the difference between arts-integrated teaching and engagement through the arts.

Teachers and teaching artists will understand how to collaboratively plan, teach, and reflect on a lesson.

Teachers will integrate the arts into their daily lessons to accelerate the academic achievement of all students.

Arts Integration Consultation

Young Audiences Chief Innovation Officer and arts integration expert Pat Cruz can work one-on-one with your school district or school to help you with the basics of integrating the arts.

Consultation can include:

  • Introductory arts integration workshop for staff
  • Curriculum mapping
  • Composing a master schedule
  • Training your arts integration coordinator
  • Integrating your goals with your School Improvement Plan
  • Writing grants
  • Planning an arts festival or event

Pricing: $300 for up to 90 minutes with each additional hour at $90 per hour.

About Pat Cruz, Chief Innovation OfficerCopy of Pat Cruz

We are proud to have a Chief Innovation Officer with extensive knowledge and first-hand experience as an arts integration teacher in the public school system. In addition to her work at Young Audiences, Pat is an Adjunct Professor at Towson University’s Arts Integration Institute, the Co-Director of the Teaching Artist Institute (TAI), and a past facilitator for MSDE’s Maryland Artist/Teacher Institute (MATI).

Pat earned a Bachelor of Science in Art Education from Towson University and a Master’s in Teaching with a focus on Arts Integration from George Mason University. She taught for Baltimore County Public Schools for more than 10 years, during which she helped develop and implement an arts-integrated program, ArtsSmart. The ArtsSmart program integrated drama, music, dance, and visual art with the reading and math curriculum. This program helped to significantly increase test scores in state-mandated reading tests. During her time at Halstead Academy, third-grade Maryland State Assessment reading scores increased by more than 38 percent after only two years of the ArtsSmart program.

Pat has been recognized as a “Rookie of the Year” by the Baltimore County Teachers Association, and “Outstanding Elementary Art Teacher” for her work in Baltimore County by the Maryland Art Education Association. In 2012, Pat was recognized as the Arts Education in Maryland Schools Alliance (AEMS) Arts Advocate of the Year for her outstanding work as an energetic and tireless arts advocate in our community.

In her position as Young Audiences Chief Innovation Officer, Pat works with teaching artists to provide training and support in aligning programs to the state curriculum and developing lessons with effective and creative assessment tools.