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MSAC Grants: Frequently Asked Questions

About MSAC Artist-in-Residence Grants


Yes! Your YA Program Coordinator is available to help guide you through the entire process, from selecting an artist to filling out the online application– and everything in between! The school is ultimately responsible for submitting the grant application to MSAC.

Young Audiences offers residency programs for all grade levels, from Pre-K through grade 12. A typical artist-in-residence program engages between 3 and 8 classrooms (max 30 students per class) in a series of 3 or more workshops with a teaching artist. Residencies are intended to be meaningful, lasting experiences for both the students and the teachers who work with the teaching artists. The focus is on quality and process, not quantity and product!

Typically a Young Audiences residency costs between $2,500 and $4,000, depending on the artist you choose and the number of classes participating. An MSAC grant will typically cover about ⅓ of this cost. The school will ultimately be responsible for about ⅔ of the total cost.

The entire process, start to finish, will only take a few hours. Your Program Coordinator will coordinate with the artist and write the project budget based on standard YA and MSAC pricing. Your Coordinator may also help you with writing the 1-2 page grant narrative if you wish. At a minimum, you’ll need to provide basic school information, work with your Coordinator to choose an artist and design the program, approve the budget and narrative, and e-sign and submit the online application.

The grant application is only open once a year, so yes, you should apply now if you’d like to take advantage of the funds. If you’re worried about how much your school will be able to afford, talk to your Program Coordinator about designing a smaller, less expensive program.

No. While you can begin the grant writing process before choosing your artist, you cannot submit your grant application until you have chosen the artist that you’d like to work with. Once the grant is submitted you cannot change your artist selection. Your Program Coordinator can help you select an artist that will meet your school’s needs.

The PTA may assist in writing the grant application. However, a representative from the school staff (such as a teacher or principal) must be designated as the site coordinator and complete the e-signature on the application. A PTA person cannot be the designated site coordinator, and communication with MSAC must be through the site coordinator.

Yes. You will need to provide your principal’s written approval of the project and budget to your Program Coordinator before receiving the confirmation code to submit your application.

No. MSAC allows just ONE artist-in-residence grant application per school, per year. You can still plan a residency with Young Audiences without the MSAC funding though— Talk to your Program Coordinator about other options.

This is a grant that is awarded by the Maryland State Arts Council directly to schools. Young Audiences provides MSAC grant writing assistance to schools applying for this grant.

Historically all eligible schools that have applied for MSAC grants to subsidize Young Audiences programs have been awarded; however we can never guarantee that this will be the case. You will be notified as to whether your school has been awarded in late August or early September.

After the grant is awarded, you can change the grade levels, number of students per class (as long as it’s not more than 30 per class), and number of classes participating. However, you can NOT change the artist or total number of workshop sessions after the fact. The school site coordinator (as listed on the grant) must notify MSAC and the Young Audiences Program Coordinator of any changes as soon as possible.

Many of our artists’ calendars fill up quickly at the beginning of the school year. If there are particular dates that you’d like to hold for your residency in the 18-19 school year, let your Program Coordinator know as soon as possible! The sooner you make this request, the more likely the artist will be available on your preferred dates.


Have additional questions or want to schedule a meeting with your Program Coordinator? Call 410-837-7577 or email to