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Last year’s Bloomberg interns were given the opportunity to work at some Baltimore’s most renowned arts and cultural institutions. Below are just a few examples of what an internship might look like for the students selected to participate in the 2018 Bloomberg Arts Internship program.



2017 Volunteer and Internship Department Internship
2017 Image Services and Rights Internship

The Volunteer/Internship Department Intern will work closely with the Coordinator to publish a Quarterly Newsletter to be created and printed in-house and distributed to BMA volunteers/interns. The Newsletters are essential for conveying important information to the museum’s volunteers, as well as for giving them an in-depth look at a department/program that they may not be familiar with. The Intern will have the opportunity to work both creatively, as well as administratively; will learn about publication design and content creation; and will work with other Departments to ensure content accuracy. The Image Services and Rights Intern will play a role in populating the BMA’s newly established digital asset management system. The Creative Services department maintains an archive of images that document the events and spaces around the museum from 2002 to the present. The images on removable media (CDs and DVDs) provide a core of records that will help establish the digital archive.



2017 General Manager’s Intern

The General Manager’s Intern will participate in all aspects of the General Manager’s Department – artistic, operations and education. He/she will assist with: planning of the BSO’s summer season (Academy, Oregon Ridge, New Music Festival, Artscape, and the Harry Potter movie performances); coordination of guest artists and conducting staff; and will work with the production department in coordinating production elements for summer performances. The intern will also work with the Education Department on teacher curriculum guide workshops and BSO Youth Orchestra planning and will assist with data management and maintenance in ArtsVision, BSO’s new event management program.



2017 Managing Director’s Intern

Everyman’s intern will get an overview of the broad range of activities that go on at Everyman and how its executive team interacts with and oversees the happenings within the theatre. The projects he/she will work on will help prepare the theatre for the beginning of the 2017/2018 season, which begins in September. The intern will work closely with both the Managing Director and his assistant in a role that would give him/her insight into the executive management of the overall organization and would have the opportunity to shadow in committee, board, department, and production meetings. He/she will work on projects that involve management of and communication with the Board of Directors. He/she will learn how to use the CRM system to work on data analysis projects in conjunction with the Marketing and Box Office teams; lead research projects involving industry blogs and publications; and research projects about events and happenings in our city and state.



2017 Baltimore Student Film Showcase Internship
2017 Summer Event Management Internship

The Maryland Film Festival (MdFF) is launching a new program, BALTIMORE STUDENT FILM SHOWCASE, during the 19th Annual Film Festival this May. This program brings together university, high school, and after-school film program students to showcase their work, engage with working filmmakers, and interact with one another. MdFF is putting together a September showcase event inside the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Parkway. The Bloomberg Arts Intern will work with the MdFF team to develop materials and collateral for the event; reach out to programs around the city to encourage participation; coordinate with participating programs on logistics and submissions details; interact with MdFF’s programming team; and assist in overall marketing efforts for the program. MdFF has multiple summer events lined up which will provide a Bloomberg Arts Intern with real-world event management experience. These events include Artscape (July), a Legal Community event (July), an Outdoor Community event (August), and more. MdFF anticipates hosting special screenings, panels, and workshops as a key feature of each event. Interns will participate in event strategy and planning; marketing each event via multiple channels; logistics and operations during each event; and post-event analysis.



2017 Young People’s Studios Program Internship

The Bloomberg Arts Interns will help MICA to improve the overall student experience in its Young People’s Studios (YPS) summer art camp program by providing support for our existing program team while adding new insights on how to provide richer and more lively enrichment programming. Interns will work alongside program staff to support the student experience by collaborating on the development of enrichment activities within the Before Care, Supervised Lunch, and After Care programs. Planning will take into consideration how program curriculum can be supported through enrichment activities; assessing the developmental appropriateness of activities; planning for instructional materials, space, and equipment; creating visual tools for implementing enrichment activities (posters, signs, way-finding material, etc.); and evaluating the success of activities. Opportunities to lead enrichment activities will be incorporated into the internship experience, and interns will also have opportunities to observe and support program faculty during YPS classes. At the end of the program, interns will work the YPS team to close the program.



2017 Production Internship

The project will include a variety of experiences for interns who will rotate throughout the various departments within MPT. The interns will spend time learning how to produce video, write, and collaborate with various departments to develop a portfolio. Ultimately, his or her portfolio will represent the success of his or her experience in the MPT community and the community that MPT serves. The students will have an experience in producing MotorWeek, a national production on cars. They will spend time with a videographer, producer, and social media coordinator on the show. The interns will learn how employees make their ideas come to life for television and digital media. Like MotorWeek, there are script writing opportunities, scheduling, guests and volunteers to handle to create a show for the public. Our staff members will also engage the interns in a development campaign, which will focus on logistics of viewer engagement, campaign success measurement, and development in general. Within the same department, the interns will work on the current MPT event, including brainstorming, cold-calling and execution. Interns will have an opportunity to work on a current production such as Farm and Harvest, ArtWorks or Collectibles. The interns will learn about lighting, staging, production editing and may have an opportunity to go on-location. Finally, the interns will shadow administrative offices to learn about the financial and human resources aspects of running a television station.



2017 Citizen Artist and Community Engagement Project Internship

The Peabody Conservatory is launching a new curriculum in citizen artistry and community engagement in the fall of 2017. This curriculum requires gathering information about sites and audiences for musical performances throughout the Johns Hopkins Hospital campus. Interns will work with Dr. Hoover and others to visit and photograph sites, record observations, and conduct interviews. Depending on experience and skills of interns, some musical pop-up performances may be planned and executed. Interns will prepare a report compiling their field notes for use by Peabody faculty and staff in building performance programs at Johns Hopkins Hospital.


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