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Artist Statement

This group personifies power, grace, pulse, and driving rhythms. The electrifying aural and visual display consists of three drummers and a dancer. The huge Taiko drums were originally used in Japan to purify and drive away evil spirits and today they keep audiences glued to their seats. Taikoza draws from Japan’s rich tradition of musical performance to create a new sound using a variety of instruments. The combination of drums, shakuhachi, and fue (both bamboo flutes) is a rare and unforgettable treat for American ears.

Artist Bio

This Japanese taiko drum group has dazzled audiences worldwide with its electrifying performances since 1995. Taiko means big drum and Taikoza draws from Japan’s rich tradition of music and performance, and is inspired by the many festivals and rhythms of Japan. “Beginnings,” Taikoza’s first album, was nominated for a 2004 Just Plain Folks Music Award. Taikoza has appeared on ESPN at the Sumo Tournament held at Madison Square Garden, and have toured internationally. You can also hear Taikoza in the Nintendo game “Red Steel.”