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Sue Trainor

Early Learning / Wolf Trap


Artist Statement

As a young person, I was captivated by the songwriting process. Musical jams with other kids were exuberant experiences. I wrote songs to help me absorb classroom learning and to express my feelings about the world around me. Creative time was focused and playful, challenging and collaborative. Today, we have a new understanding of brain function; we know that music and songwriting processes ARE profound for learning, communication, and interpersonal connection. For me, songwriting with young people is STILL an exuberant experience - focused and playful, challenging and collaborative – and deeply satisfying for me.

Artist Bio

Sue Trainor is a Teaching Artist, musician and performing-songwriter with a gift for stirring up enthusiasm and creativity. Sue was named  YAMD 2014 Artist of the Year for her role as lead teaching artist in YAMD Wolf Trap, her residency and PD programs in pre-K, elementary and special needs classrooms.