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Schroeder Cherry

Schroeder Cherry


Artist Statement

A native of Washington, D.C., I grew up as an arts kid. I made art and played with puppets. Art courses in high school and college had my intense focus. I also hung out with performing arts students but knew I was primarily a visual artist. While in college, I tried puppetry to see how a childhood interest would affect me as an adult. After an apprenticeship with a puppetmaster in Chicago, I set out on my own and began producing stories using puppets. I also traveled to West Africa, to collect African puppets. Today my puppets present stories to audiences across the US. Puppets are moving art forms.

Artist Bio

A native of Washington, D.C., Schroeder Cherry played with puppets as a kid. In college, he apprenticed to a puppet master in Chicago, and then joined a troupe before setting out on his own. Dr. Cherry has performed original shows with puppets in museums, libraries, and cultural centers for adults and children across the U.S. Performances include “Can You Spell Harlem?”, “The Land of Primary Color,” and “Underground Railroad, Not A Subway.”  Most recently the puppet “Tevin” performed during Baltimore’s Light City Festival. Cherry has a BFA in fine art and a doctorate in museum education.