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Milkshake Artist Page



Artist Statement

On weekends, Milkshake is a rock band for kids that travels the country promoting their Grammy-nominated and award-winning CDs. During the school week, however, Lisa and Mikel delight in downsizing to an energetic duo that is perfect for a classroom or assembly setting. By using unique props and guiding audience participation, Milkshake produces a show that children truly feel a part of. Despite all the fun and silliness, Milkshake songs are best known for introducing children to basic concepts of creative thinking, as evidenced in their many songs for PBS KIDS and Nick Jr. Even when we’re dancing, we can still be learning!

Artist Bio

The Grammy-nominated Milkshake has released four award-winning CDs, a Parent’s Choice Silver Award winning DVD Screen Play, and has had music videos on Nick Jr., PBS KIDS and the Emmy-winning cartoon ToddWorld. Their fourth CD, Great Day, was nominated for a Grammy for “Best Musical Recording for Children” in 2010. As Parents magazine says: “If kids don’t push the replay button, parents will.” This special duo performance for schools features Lisa Mathews and Mikel Gehl of the Milkshake Band.