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Jon Spelman



Artist Statement

Live oral storytelling, the expressive delivery of vivid words to an engaged and listening audience, is the medium for one-on-one communication. Whether a story’s listeners number one or one thousand, the imagistic power of spoken words and their direct appeal to the imagination create a personal multi-media experience not equaled by any electronic device.

In a time of so much digital communication, many people sometimes want something different. How about the face-to-face experience available for listeners to the live art of storytelling?

Artist Bio

Jon Spelman is regarded as one of America’s leading storytellers. As a performer, he has developed more than 30 hours of narrative material, all of which he continues to perform throughout the U.S. and Europe. He has received a Children’s Radio Award, an Achievement in Children’s Television Award, and two Emmys for “Three Stories Tall,” which he hosted for six years on NBC-4 in Washington, D.C.