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Education Advisory Committee

John Ceschini, Principal, Seven Oaks Elementary
Jennifer Brumbalow, Music Teacher , Imagine Discovery Public Charter School
Kathy Dryden, Administrator, Imagine Discovery Public Charter School
Laura Brino, Art Teacher , Bates Middle School
Clare Grizzard, Teacher , Roland Park Elementary Middle School
Gena Proctor, Assistant Principal, Southwest Baltimore Charter School
Heather Vanhart, Teacher, Mt. Royal Elementary Middle School
Debbie Thomas, Principal, Booker T. Washington Middle School for the Arts
Katrina Schmidt, Art Teacher, Jessup Elementary
Jessica Fitzwater, Music Teacher , Oakdale Elementary
Beth Braden, Teacher, Southern Middle School
Monika Springer Schnell , Parent
Jean Hartlove, Retired Teacher
Laurie Michael, Retired Teacher
Muriel Berkeley, Educator Administrator, The Baltimore Curriculum Project
Barbara Kesler, Retired Teacher
Shelia Adams, Director of Teaching and Learning, Tunbridge Public Charter School
Sherrie Norwitz, Teacher, Thomas Jefferson Elementary
Amy Scott, Teacher, Friendship Academy of Science and Technology
Cheyanne Zhart-King, Assistant Principal, City Neighbors High School
John Zesiger, Director, Academy for College and Career Exploration
Jean Fiumara, Retired Teacher

Artistic Advisory Committee

J. Wynn Rousuck, Theater Critic
Karen Bernstein, Master Teaching Artist
Jon Spelman, Master Teaching Artist
Gayle Danley, Master Teaching Artist
Ssuuna, Master Teaching Artist

Taste the Arts Planning Committee

Sheelagh Allston, Event Chair
Erin Bold
Tina Crockett
Jason Kissel
Lois Mark
Laurie Michael
Suzanne Owens
Bobbi Young-Mace

We welcome you to become involved with Young Audiences by volunteering your time to one of our board committees; you do not have to be a board member to serve. Working together, we can ensure that the arts play an essential role in the education and development of Maryland’s youth. Learn how you can get involved by emailing us.